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Top 5 Yellow Sally Nymphs

Yellow Sally nymphs are active all summer long. Stock up on some of the best patterns in reparation for the warmer months.

About Yellow Sally Fishing

Yellow Sallies are a premier source of calories for trout throughout the spring and summer. They are consistently prominent in most every Western river and imitating these plentiful bugs can be a fruitful endeavor for anglers in the warmer months. Sally nymphs are smaller than the other more well known stoneflies, like Salmonflies and Golden Stones. The Yellow Sally ranges in sizes from #12-18 and have a yellow to brown color with dark bands on the body.

Fishing with Yellow Sally dry fly patterns can be phenomenal throughout the summer months as they are very prolific but nymphing during their active period of the year can be just as productive. They are a great go to fly pattern during the summer months due to their consistent activity during the warmer part of the year. They are a sure fire pattern to tie on to your leader even if there is no bug activity on the surface. They will be active underneath as they prepare to hatch. Fish this particular insect along banks as Sally nymphs will migrate to the bank to molt into their adult form. Fish sit in anticipation as the nymphs clumsily swim through the water.

Here are some of our favorite Yellow Sally patterns here at our Bozeman fly shop for one of the longest hatches of the summer.

Kyle’s Beadhead Sally

Kyle’s Sally is a great pattern that comes in a wide variety of sizes. The flashy yellow and banded body gives it a realistic look with a buggy profile.

Iron Sally

The Iron Sally provides the angler a pattern that captures the patterns and colors of the stonefly very well. The dark top of the body and light underside provide a nice contrast for the fish to key in on.

Sally Quill Spanish Bullet

The Bullet Yellow Sally is the most efficient Sally pattern. It gets down quickly to where the fish are feeding and is great for euro nymphing, indicator, and dry dropper fishing alike. Try this under your chubby or hopper patterns in the summer months.

Yellow Psycho Prince

The Psycho Prince makes a great attractor pattern but it also shines as a Yellow Sally imitation. Prince nymphs make great stonefly representations and the Yellow Psycho gives off a radiant flash on the underside while maintaining a darker coloration on the top of the body.

Tungsten Yellow Sally

The Tungsten Yellow Sally is the leggiest of the patterns on the list which makes it a great imitation. Legs are the most important aspect of stonefly imitations as they have a distinct look to the fish. Just look at a rubberlegs and it is no wonder it works so well. The tungsten bead also helps get the fly to the bottom quickly in swift currents.

Drop by our Bozeman fly shop to browse the best fly selection for Sallies and any hatch in Southwest Montana. Get all the gear you need for a great day on the water before you hit the Bozeman area rivers.