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Umpqua Leader and Tippet

The new Umpqua leader and tippet materials have been blowing me away by both their consistency, strength, and ease of use. With extreme inventory shortages around Bozeman, our fly shop is stoked to have plenty of both the nylon, Perform X, and the fluorocarbon, Phantom X, on our shelves.

When the opportunity to hook and land the trout of a lifetime, it damn well better be my own fault if I screw it up. To ensure this is the case, I have been using the most reliable tippet and leaders out there. Umpqua's new Peform X and Phantom X materials have been proving their strength on huge trout these last few months. With current shortages, it's pretty MEGA that we have plenty of these bomber tippet spools and leaders in stock. Drop by our Bozeman fly shop to stock up on leaders and tippet while supplies last!

Perform X

Perform X delivers the Holy Grail in tippet performance – brute strength and resiliency. Our three layer construction gives our new nylon unique properties. Our core offers the right blend of strength and suppleness to allow a perfectly dead drifted fly to entice the most wary trout, while a secret blend results in the strength to bring the fish to net. Our Hydrophobic coating keeps the nylon from absorbing water throughout the day which historically results in weaker knots and overall tinsel strength. Our third layer is a continuous coating which creates smooth, consistent, and reliable material. All of our X rated tippet includes a custom Umpqua ProBand to keep tippet at the ready, right where you left it.

Phantom X

Never seen before strength, sensitivity, and invisibility. Phantom X is a five-layer Ultra Fluorocarbon and to put it simply, it is the strongest and most invisible fluorocarbon tippet on the market. With very little stretch due to its core, Phantom X allows you to detect the most subtle takes. A unique chemical process of combining FC monomers into polymer chains results in harmony with our unique coating result in abrasion resistance, sensitivity, density, invisibility, and strength never seen before in FC tippet. All spools of Phantom X come with a custom ProBand to keep tippet at the ready when you are on the water.