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Upcoming FlyFishTruck Events

With the busy summer season upon us, and the world returning to normal, we are happy to have several FlyFishTruck events scheduled in the near future!

We are beyond pumped to have events and more particularly events with crowds and the FlyFishTruck. Here is what we have in store for the Summer of 2021 for the truck.

Music on Main

July 29th, August 5th & August 12th
6:30PM - 8:30PM

Big Sky Country State Fair
July 21st - July 25th
11AM - 9PM

Cruisin on Main
August 15th

The FlyFishTruck is loaded with a phenomenal fly selection, sale clothing, tippet and leader, all of the crucial fly fishing gear, beginner outfits and the coolest Fins logo gear around! Stop by and say hello at any of the events mentioned above and pickup some of the best fly fishing gear in Bozeman!