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When Will the Yellowstone Shape Up?

I know i'm going to sound like a broken record here, but damn, Montana Spring conditions are ever changing. 80 degrees earlier in the week and now snow storms and temperatures below freezing. These changes will blow out and shape up rivers in less than a week. How will all of this madness effect the Yellowstone River and more importantly when will we be fishing the Yellowstone again?

The Yellowstone is Blown Out...

The Yellowstone River is blown out at the moment. The hot temperatures over the weekend and earlier this week shot flows on the stone through the roof. Before that happened the river was fishing somewhat lights out. Bugs were everywhere. March Browns, Caddis, and beatis all hatching in significant numbers. What does this mean?

Well, when the Yellowstone shapes up, and it will, fishing could be really good once again. Currently flowing at 11,300cfs the river is deadly to wade fish and dangerous to float. Muddy and high waters will make fishing it now poor. So what flows do we need to see for the river to fish well?

Magic Numbers

10,000cfs the river is once again safe to fish from a boat*. It may not fish well bet I feel a heck of a lot better floating it at 10k than 11k.

7,000cfs at 7k and on the drop the Yellowstone is going to be fishing well out of a boat. Fish will be pushed tight to banks. Tuck your streamer or dry fly into pockets and caves on rip-rap banks to find fish ready and willing to get fed.

Watch the flows in Livingston for these numbers and peep the water clarity the next few cold days and get ready for the Yellowstone to fish well once again. As long as the precipitation is not outrageous with this cold front, it should only be a few days before the stone is on.

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*stretch of river and oars-person skill level dependent - be safe out there folks

Check our Yellowstone River fishing report to know when the river shapes up.