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Why Buy a Fly Rod, Reel and Line Combo?

Quick, easy, and affordable. Here are the benefits of buying a fly rod, reel, and line combo along with all of the options available at our Bozeman fly shop.

When looking for your first rod and reel or upgrading, an excellent way to get the most for your money is buying a pre-packaged fly rod, reel, and line combo. Even if you are in a hurry to get to the river, a combo will have you out the door and fishing before you can say "Oncorhynchus mykiss" (the scientific name for rainbow trout). Packages include a perfectly matched, rod, reel, and line that is available to grab and go. These kits even include added bonuses such as a free leader or improved carrying case. Find all the details about the packages available at our Bozeman fly shop below!

Sage Foundation Outfit - $575


  • Sage Spectrum C Reel
  • American Made Sage Foundation Fly Rod
  • RIO Gold Fly Line
  • Sage Rod & Reel Case
  • Backing
  • 9' 4x leader

Orvis Clearwater Package - $376


  • Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod
  • Rod Tube
  • Orvis Clearwater Reel
  • Reel Case
  • Orvis Clearwater Fly Line
  • Backing
  • 9' 4x Leader

Building Your Own Package

While building your own package is not as quick and easy it allows you to personalize your setup based on aesthetics or a particular fishing application. This customization goes all the way down to the color of the backing that you put on your reel. If you are on a budget or looking for the best of the best you can create a full setup that is in your price range. Look at the pieces for a custom fly, rod, and reel combo from our Bozeman fly shop by following the links below.

Fly Rods


Fly Lines