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WInter is Here

Wow, pretty cold in Bozeman today. It seems as though we have skipped over fall once again and hopped straight into Winter.

Winter has arrived folks. Currently 31 degrees, raining and not getting any nicer. Fishing looks like a solid option up until Thursday. I would rip streamers or huck around some worms. Thursday is predicted to bring a low of 9 degrees and more snow. Still some good fishing to be found around the Bozeman area, but damn. Hot chocolate with a bit of peppermint schnapps, hot wings, and football sound like the makings of an ideal day to me. Maybe tie a few flies on commercial break. Tuck in to some of our fly tying videos right here!

Drop by to pick up all of your fly tying odds and ends

We have a great streamer and worm selection for those who will be toughing the elements this week.

Oh, Euro style flies too.

Stay warm out there!