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Winter Update From Bozeman Montana

Finally winter here in Bozeman, Montana. Highs hovering around zero degrees and snowing until noon tomorrow. Great fly fishing conditions? No. Great future fly fishing conditions? Absolutely.

It is cold, snowing, and a touch breezy. No better time than now to write a winter update.

The snowpack around SW Montana is looking great so far this season. This means we should have better water than last summer. So hopefully, better fishing. We still need a lot more precipitation through January, February, and even March to ensure good water in the summer of 2022.

As of now there are a few ice jams that have caused flooding in low areas, mostly fields. The Gallatin River area near Logan has been affected, as has Ennis on the upper Madison, and the Jefferson near Three Forks. Not great areas to go hangout as ice jams causing the flooding are unpredictable.

Gallatin River Ice Jam

As far as fishing goes, the Gallatin near Karst and Big Sky can fish relatively well all winter. The lower Madison can be a good option when it is not windy and a little bit warmer. However, the ice shelves can be bad and the anchor ice can be really gnarly. It will probably be a better option to tie flies or go skiing for a while.

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Stay warm out there folks!