2019 Ross Animas in Your Bozeman Fly Shop – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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2019 Ross Animas in Your Bozeman Fly Shop

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The brand new 2019 Ross Animas has finally arrived in your Bozeman Fly shop. This reel maintains the features that made the original a favorite among anglers and added some new machining techniques that give the reel a modern look while shaving excess weight. It of course has the layered and machined canvas reel handle that is supremely light and gets tackier when wet like the other reels in the Ross family. The Colorado mountains are featured on the outside of the frame while the improved composite-disc drag system consists of a stainless steel interface. The extra large arbor free spools exceptionally well for those trying to pick up excess line at a very high rate. Come into the shop to get your hands on these and all the other high performance Ross Reels!