4 Flies to Fish This Week on Bozeman Rivers – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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4 Flies to Fish This Week on Bozeman Rivers

Black and Olive Double Screamer: This fly has all the assets that meat-eating trout are looking for in the spring. As water rises the dark profile makes it easy for trout to spot in dirty water and it has good amount of flash down the mid center to represent the flash near a fish’s lateral line. The cone head and articulation causes this fly to swim and the marabou creates even more movement in the water, resulting in a fly that trout cannot resist.

Olv/Blk Double Screamer

Gray Green Machine: The Green Machine is a great mayfly imitation and midge imitation in small sizes. Looking like multiple bugs at once is a huge advantage when fishing Bozeman rivers. With the warm weather this week BWO’s and midges will really be popping. The antron wing on this fly represents the opening of the nymph’s wing casing as it hatches. This is a very vulnerable state for hatching bugs and trout love to take advantage of it.

Gray Little Green Machine

Purple Holo Prince: Dark color and flash on this bigger attractor nymph make it an easy target for trout while the water is rising. A bigger meal and a bunch of materials that trout have a difficult time defying makes this fly one that should be very productive this week on Bozeman waters.

Purple Holo Prince

BWO Thorax: With the Baetis coming off thick, the chance of seeing rising trout has increased greatly. This fly will be a perfect way to match the hatch and stick those surface-eating fish. Just wait for a few cloudy moments and carefully examine the surface of theb water to spot the risers. Otherwise, just listen for splashy rises and cast this fly over the spot to have a good chance of getting the trout to eat your fly.

BWO Thorax