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5 Absolutely Necessary Fly Tying Tools

  1. Vise – It’s nearly impossible to tie without one of these. A Renzetti or Regal will hold up for tying nearly a life time worth of flies.
  2. Bobbin – Your hands can’t really replace a bobbin so It’s worth spending a few extra bucks for a nice Dr. Slick ceramic bobbin.
  3. Sharp scissors – There is nothing worse than struggling to make cuts when you are tying flies, use a nice pair of Dr. Slicks with a fine point like their Arrowhead scissors.
  4. Thread and Hooks – More materials than tools, but again, you can’t tie without these. Use a color like olive or grey that can work for many many different flies. The hook is your blank canvas, size and style depends on the fly.
  5. Adhesive – A good adhesive has several uses and when used finishing a fly can greatly extend the life of a fly you have tied. We prefer something that is thin and dries clear like Loon Hard Head.

Beyond these tools all you need to get started are the materials for whatever fly you want to tie. Add beer and a few friends to take away from productivity and increase bull shitting, creativity, and the number of ugly flies tied.

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