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A Half Dozen Early Season Lake Flies

This time of year is one of my favorite times to fish some mid elevation lakes. A few of my favorites are Hebgen, Cliff and Wade. These flies don’t usually let me down on these lakes.

The first fly I’ll mention is the Pig Pen Leech. This fly works well when I’m just trolling around the lake dragging it around with a full sinking type 6 line. Whether behind a float tube, pontoon or even a trolling motor boat, it works equally well. Great as a searching fly.

Second is the Twin Lakes Special. This is just a multi colored Wooly Bugger with a little flash and a tungsten bead. Because of the heavier bead, this fly seems to work best with an intermediate sinking line and more, strip, strip, pause retrieve to entice the fish if they want more of a jigging motion.

Third and fourth patterns are old fashioned Mini Leeches. I like them in Wine and Black/ Olive. These work well when fishing the flats or shallow coves when being delicate is a must. Best when sight fishing to spooky fish in shallow water and with a floating or intermediate line.

The fifth fly is going to be a trusty H&L Variant in about a size 14. The early season Midges can be quite large on a lot of our lakes around here. This fly is highly visible, floats well enough to add a dropper, and the Trout don’t mind eating it. This fly is a good choice when fishing to risers at dawn or even when sight fishing the flats mid afternoon.

Last on my short list is the Buzzer Midge. This is a super real looking Midge Pupa pattern that I have ton of trust in. The fly isn’t super heavy so it can be fished behind a medium sized dry but is weighted enough with U.V. finish that it sinks well in deeper water behind a Balanced Leech or something.

Come out and grab a hand full of these flies and try them out. Not that they are the only flies that work but you probably won’t get skunked.