A Little Late Summer Camping – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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A Little Late Summer Camping

As the end of the season approaches, I usually try to get my Mom out here for a little camping trip. This year we spent a few days on Quake Lake. I can’t say the fishing was incredible but it didn’t suck either. Unfortunately my camera ran out of power before I could get any happy angler photos. We had good numbers of fish working Callibaetis in the mornings and in the evening the fish were willing to eat a Hopper .

The camping was nice as well. I got to nap a little, eat well, drink Irish Coffee’s, and just relax with family. After a Summer without any rain at all, of coarse it decided to rain for the first two days we were there. The cool thing is that it made for a little cool down and some nice photos.