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A Video For All Bozemanites

Every Friday, Orvis puts out a collection of videos on fly fishing that they’ve curated over the week. As a was scrolling through the videos this week, I had to stop at the one below. It felt like The North Face said, “Hey, let’s create a video that would especially appeal to Bozeman”.

A brief synopsis: Girl and her Dad go fishing; the girl happens to be a world class, competitive skier (Tatum Monod), her season is cut short because of an injury. She uses flyfishing as a way to give herself time to heal and learn big life lessons.

And she catches a massive bull trout.

The video is just over 8 minutes, but it flies by. If you’re sitting down to lunch and want a quick video to watch with great filmography, a good story, and some beautiful shots of fish – take a quick view.

Head out and get some quality time in with your kiddos this summer! Those memories will last a lifetime.