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Aquatic Invasive Species Fee For Montana Fishing Licenses

I just wanted to mention to folks on their way out to Montana they will see a new fee on all fishing licenses. The fee is $2 for Residents and $15 for Nonresidents.

The costs that Montana will incure is going to be more than the State can afford. Nationally we spend $137 billion on damage control, repair and prevention, not to mention health issues. With all the fishermen that visit our state, we really need to get a grasp on this issue before it ruins some of the most popular waterways in Montana and maybe the Country.

Eurasian Watermilfoil and New Zealand Mud Snails are just two of the more damaging Species we have to contend with.

Here is a link to Montana FWP’s Website. You can get a ton of info from it. Try to remember that this sort of thing is affecting the whole country. Idaho just implemented the same sort of fee and I’m sure we’re not the only two States in the union to do this.

I guess the gist is if you are coming from out of State to fish, plan on spending another few dollars on a license. If you are a resident and you haven’t gotten your license yet you’ll have another couple of bucks added to the cost, if you already purchased your license for the year, you can come in to any license retailer and add it. FWP stated that they won’t be extra strict on ticketing people if a person baught a license before the new fee was implemented.