August Fishing – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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August Fishing

Fly fishing around Bozeman usually get a little slow this time of year with the hot weather and bright overhead sun, but thanks to a above normal snowpack and a wet spring the August fishing has been pretty darn good so far (yes, we know it’s still early). Sure the afternoons are still a little slow, but the mornings and last light fishing have been really good. There are still other factors that can throw off the fishing such as mud plugs and full moon. Basically a mud plug can be thought of as a reset button. When a plug moves through the fish hunker down and focus on munching nymphs and other bottom fare. It usually takes a day or two before they start looking up again, unless the hatches or bugs are really thick. Read our Bozeman fly shop‘s fishing reports for up to date river conditions and hot flies. All the conditions are looking good for a decent rest of August and an excellent fall.