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Back to Fishing…

Back on the water today after a hectic family weekend that involved lots of doing and no fishing. I like to fish so the idea of no fishing on a beautiful weekend led me into some grumpy moments.
Low on the Yellowstone today, decent hopper/dropper bite in the morning and then a dead spell. Lots of Mahogany Spinners on the water late morning through early afternoon which had fish up in the slick tailouts, they were tough to get close enough to fish to, however. Nymphed a bit, got some fish, the wind picked up, single hopper, got some fish. Fair to good would be my overall fishing quality rating today.
The other stuff? Fishing with two ladies that I’ve been fishing with for 7-10 years now. Always one of my highlights this time of year as they are good anglers, fun to be with, and just happy to be on the water. Hard not to work hard to find them some fish. Had that though to myself today that I really like my job because I just take people fishing on their holiday. Typically, they are already happy just to be on vacation and fish are the bonus. Funny how I always want those people to have great times, not that I ever really get those people that just want to catch fish and won’t have a good time unless they have a bent rod from ramp to ramp. I’ve actually only had a couple of those in the last 14 years or so. Happy people that want to fish are usually pretty awesome people to spend the day with on the water.