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Best Bobbins from our Bozeman Fly Shop

There are a few fly tying accessories that any tier could use more than one. Bobbins are one of these tying tools. While the majority of tiers don’t spend the money on a nice bobbin these are always appreciated as a gift. Below are the best three bobbins from our Bozeman fly shop that can take a fly tier’s productivity at the bench to the next level.

Good: Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin – $30.50

Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin The Tiemco Ceramic Bobbin is the first bobbin only bobbin to use Japanese high quality ceramic tube. Ensures smooth winding of fly tying thread for years and lasts many times more than a conventional steel bobbin. The body is covered with non-slip rubber tube for a comfortable and secure fit in the hand.

Better: Rite Bobbin – $35

Rite Bobbin From small midges up through bigger saltwater flies, the Standard Rite Bobbin does it all. With a premium- quality ceramic tube it is very durable. And it wouldn’t be a Rite Bobbin without the one-of-a-kind brass tension adjuster, allowing you to have more control as you tie. This is a must have for any serious tier.

Best: Tiemco Adjustable Magnetic Bobbin – $99.99
Tiemco Adjustable Bobbin

A masterful piece of engineering, this beautiful bobbin will blow your mind with its smooth and elegant operation. A vertically adjustable ceramic tube, thread keeper and self standing design round out this ultimate all around bobbin.

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