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Tarpon Splash

Tarpon season is on my mind these days as I watch the rivers around here get dirtier by the day. That’s not to say that there isn’t some great fishing to be had in Southwest Montana right now; the Madison has been great the last few weeks. Still though, my head tends to roam down south this time of year as I listen to stories of friends’ recent adventures and my trip to Turneffe Flats (book it with Yellow Dog) is fast approaching. There’s nothing like watching a 100+ pound fish come 5 feet out of the water with the sounds of gill plates crashing in the air!

May and June tends to be prime time for Tarpon throughout the Caribbean. Recently, I’ve had friends giving good reports from the Panhandle to Key West in Florida. I’m reminded of my trips throughout the Caribbean and how much fun this time of year can be when you find a break in the wind and solitude on a flat (both of which can be hard to come by at times)!

Jumping Tarpon

So, if you are heading south with the hope of sticking a few Tarpon this season, be sure to stop by our Bozeman fly shop for all your gear needs. We have fished Tarpon in Mexico, Belize, Florida, and Cuba so we can give you some firsthand experience in regards to what to expect and what to prepare for. Whether you need a new rod, reel, line, or just help with tying a Bimini Twist for your backing:line connection, we can help get you on your way with confidence. Fins & Feathers always stocks several models of rods from Orvis, Sage, and Scott in the 10-12 weight range, plus reels, lines, flies, and everything else you need for s successful Tarpon trip.

Tarpon in hand