Bozeman Fly Fishing Update – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Bozeman Fly Fishing Update

We have seen some hot weather and significant amounts of rain the past week and this is going have big effects on the way our Bozeman Rivers are fishing. The Yellowstone and Gallatin have shot up the last few days and are both running muddy. I would say that these two rivers are un-fishable and likely dangerous if you did try to fish them. The Upper and Lower Madison will stick around the longest but after today’s rain and cool temps fishing the next few days might be tough. Expect the caddis hatches to be smaller than they have been on the Lower after the flows were increased by around 800 cfs today. Streamer fishing for both the upper and lower should be pretty darn good in the days to come. Our Bozeman fly shop really likes yellow or black articulated flies. If you are struggling to pick up fish you can’t go wrong with a worm pattern. Follow the link for a few tips and tricks on fishing dirty water.