Bozeman Fly Shop Early April Update – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Bozeman Fly Shop Early April Update

The recent weather change has altered the fishing conditions drastically. Rain over the past few days and snow along with colder temperatures predicted until Friday. All of this precipitation and severe temp change will undoubtedly change Bozeman area fly-fishing. Here is what to expect on the Gallatin, Madison, and Yellowstone Rivers.

The Gallatin has increased by 400 cfs in the past two days and it is fair to say that it is blown out. We heard fishing was tough today and wading will be difficult. Expect muddy conditions and if this is the river you want to hit your best fly options will be black streamers, black stonefly nymphs and worms. The Madison would be a better fishing option.

The Lower Madison River was brought up by about 1,000 cfs today. Expect color and slow fishing for the next few days while the fish get used to the change in flow. Flies to fish will again be dark streamers, crawfish, worms, and large hot bead or pink nymphs. The Upper Madison has been slowly on the rise and is now at flowing at 1,810 cfs. Fishing on the upper should still be good with midges, stoneflies, worms and baetis flavored mayfly nymphs. Dry fly action will still be a possibility on calm warmer days.

The Yellowstone River increased by 400 cfs just today and looks like it will continue to rise. Expect colored up water and maybe slower fishing for the next day or so. When the flows level again or start to decrease the fishing should pick back up again. Streamers, worms, stonefly nymphs and larger mayflies have been productive. A few fish have rising to midges on warmer calm days.

Olive Baby Gonga Yum Yum Fly

On the upside our Bozeman fly shop has been receiving a bunch of flies. We are restocked on every color of Baby Gongas, Fly Formerly Known as a Prince Nymph, Two Bit Hookers, and the UV Yum Yum among many other patterns. New badass Patagonia gear has arrived along with size runs of our favorite outerwear, layering, and hats. Swing by the shop to pick up everything you could need for fishing this spring.

Finding Joe Brooks

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