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Bozeman Fly Shop | Holiday Fly Rods

Looking for something special for the fly fisher on your list this Christmas? We have a load of great ideas from stocking stuffers to performance apparel that are all sure to bring smiles well into the New Year. However, there is nothing like seeing that long, skinny box under the tree on Christmas morning that every angler knows can only hold a new fly rod. Our Bozeman fly shop has a complete selection of fly rods for every angling situation, skill level, and any budget.

The choices can be overwhelming and that is where our staff can help ensure that you are getting the right fly rod for the angler on your list. Keep in mind that all of the fly rods we offer at Fins & Feathers of Bozeman come with unconditional warranty’s that range in duration from 25 years to Lifetime.

Orvis Fly Rod Bozeman Montana

For the avid angler on a budget, an upgrade in fly rod performance is often one of those things that are often wanted above everything else. This is that guy or gal that fishes all of the time and never complains about that 20 year old “loaner” that is their mainstay rod choice, but would love something lighter and more powerful. They are probably fishing with an old Sage DS, Orvis Green Mountain, or some private-label big box store special. Upgrade rods to look at for this angler include the Scott A4, Sage Pulse, or Orvis recon which are each $400-$450.

Sage Pulse Bozeman Fly Shop

For the novice angler or the kids on your list, a quality fly rod makes learning to cast easier and more enjoyable. Lightweight fly rods make for more intuitive timing of the casting stroke. There is no need to go with a “little” rod for kids as today’s modern fly rods typically weigh only 2-4 oz. and a 9’ rod is by far the easiest length to learn with. Consider the Redington Classic Trout ($149)or Orvis Clearwater($198) fly rods for the angler on your list that is just starting to get their feet wet in fly fishing. My 8 year old son will be getting a Redington Hydrogen ($300) this Christmas as his first rod to call his own.

Scott Fly Rod Bozeman Montana

The experienced angler that has been fishing for 10+ years and travels extensively can be the most challenging angler to truly surprise on Christmas morning. Although the latest and greatest is always desirable, knowing their preferred style of fly fishing (dries, nymphing, streamers) and their favorite places (local rivers, saltwater flats, warmwater, etc.) can help ensure that you get them a fly rod that they brings both appreciation and years of heavy use. Consider an Orvis Helios 2, Scott Radian, or Sage One as great starting points for the experienced trout angler on your list. The Sage Salt, Scott Meridian, and Orvis Helios 2 families of fly rods are all perfect choice for the saltwater or warmwater angler. These fly rods are typically in the $800 price range and made in the USA.

We have an extensive range of fly rods from Orvis, Sage, Redington, and Scott. Our expert and friendly staff will make sure that your fly rod purchase will be perfectly suited to the angler on your list. We offer easy exchanges on fly rods with proof of purchase through the Holiday Season.