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Bozeman Fly Shop Update

If you haven’t been in the store in a while, make a point of stopping in the next time you are out at 4-Corners. We think that you will come to appreciate the many improvements we have made over the last few years. Whether you are searching for a new reel, the perfect dry fly saddle, or a fly that moves just right in the water, chances are that we have exactly what you want. The best part of our many changes, however, is our 2016 fly shop and guide staff. We have never had a group of employees that are as knowledgeable and energetic than our current staff.

Fins & Feathers of Bozeman’s fly shop is dedicated to making fly fishing fun and accessible. Friendly, personalized service is one of the ways that we are able to stand out from most fly shops in the region. Our product selection has been slowly developed over time, based on customer feedback, with the intention being to have “something excellent, for everybody.” Stop in and see us the next time you are out and be sure to check out some of the highlighted products below as they are “new” to Fins & Feathers of Bozeman in 2016 with the hope of making your life on the water easier and more fun.

Hardy Fly Rods – What can we say? We have always had a love affair with Hardy fly rods. They are hard to beat in terms of beauty, technology, and performance. The proprietary Sintrix resins have resulted in a family of fly rods that are lightweight, responsive, and durable. We offer a wide range of the Hardy Zephrus and Wraith series of fly rods in both trout and saltwater configurations.

Abel Fly Reels – If it’s made in the USA, fully machined, comes in a zillion colors, and will last forever…we are all in! The fully sealed drag system that was released last year has given the modern fly fisher a reason to go back to a name that they’ve known forever. We carry a wide selection of the fully-sealed disc drag model in the trout and light saltwater sizes, plus the Abel nippers, hemostats, and zingers. Currently, we have a couple of the limited edition 50th Anniversary Grateful Dead reels too!

Clutch Fly Rods – These American made rods have made one heckuva splash within the fly fishing industry over the last two years. Clutch is a small company that has come out with a fly rod design that is simply different than everything else on the market. Each rod is designed with a specific purpose in mind. The Clutch Fluent rods are a wonderful blend of speed and feel for a variety of freshwater applications. The Core is a mid-range rod that is easy to cast and packed with performance. The Clutch React is a specialty rod that is an 8’ one-piece designed specifically for throwing large streamers on a 250 grain WF Sink Tip Line such as the Rio Outbound or Airflo Streamer Max.

Ross Reels – Ross has been around the fly fishing industry for decades now and we are very excited to now offer our customers yet another choice in American made reels. Handcrafted in Colorado, Ross Reels come in a variety of sizes, colors and configurations. We are especially excited to be able to offer the Cimarron II and the Evolution LT to our trout-minded anglers. You will find that these two models offer terrific performance and value.

Redington – Fins & Feathers has been “dabbling” in Redington gear for a few years, but 2016 was our first serious effort at representing the brand in our Bozeman fly shop. Honestly, we have a lot of customers that are on tight budgets, yet want some performance oriented, unique gear. From their Behemoth series of large arbor reels to the new Palix pant wader, Redington is constantly pushing performance and value like nobody else today. We offer several families of Redington fly rods and reels along with a great selection of Redington wading boots, apparel, and the Palix pant waders.

Our little fly shop in Bozeman has certainly grown over the years, but our focus continues to be on helping anglers get the most out of their time on the water. Although our product selection continues to increase, we are committed to the idea that there really is something for everybody…our job is to find it for you. Whether you need a few flies, some advice on finding the hatch or need a new setup for your next Tarpon trip, we have the expertise and the selection to make it all work for you. You can shop online or stop in the shop, we look forward to hearing from you either way!