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Bozeman Guided Float Trips

“Should we book a wade or a float trip” is one of the most common questions we get throughout the year as people start to plan their guided fly-fishing trip to Bozeman. People come to Southwest Montana from all over the world to fish the rivers that have made Bozeman a mainstay in the trout world for generations. Many times, however, folks just aren’t quite sure what to expect and thus will ask for the familiar versus the “better” choice. We recommend a float trip over a wade trip just about every time anyone asks!

The rivers around Bozeman are large, western classics such as the Madison, Yellowstone, Jefferson, and Gallatin rivers. These are swift rivers with irregular streambeds, uneven depths, and vegetation that comes right down to the bank in most places. Getting around on the banks is much more difficult than most people envision. During the peak of the season (July-September), angling pressure is substantially less in areas that are inaccessible by foot. A float trip is typically more productive and enjoyable for most anglers visiting the waters around Bozeman.

Bozeman Wade Fishing Trips

There are some great wade fishing opportunities on the larger rivers, but coming prepared is the key to success on these trips. The typical guided fishing day includes 6-8 hours of “on the water” time which translates into a few miles of walking. Anglers need to be prepared to carry a pack with drinking water and the various accessories for a day of fishing such as rain-jacket, snacks, and some fishing gear too. A productive day of wade fishing on the rivers around Bozeman is typically much more challenging than most anglers envision.

The best way to fish and experience the legendary trout waters around Bozeman is floating in a drift boat. Anglers are able to cover much more water than on foot and get into areas that receive relatively little fishing pressure. The inexperienced or novice fly angler typically learns the basics of casting, line control, and fighting fish much more quickly from a drift boat versus wading. The experienced angler quickly appreciates the advantages offered by the drift boat after a few minutes on one of Bozeman’s local waters with one of the fly fishing guides at Fins & Feathers of Bozeman.

The standard rate for a day of guided fly-fishing in Bozeman is $475 (1-2 Persons) for either the wade or float option. The professional fly fishing guide staff at Fins & Feathers’ Bozeman fly shop float all of the regional rivers, including the Yellowstone, Madison, Gallatin, Yellowstone, Missouri, and more when conditions are appropriate. We have access to over 300 miles of floatable water between 15-60 minutes from Bozeman. So, when you get ready to finalize your trip details, we will typically recommend a guided float trip on the waters around Bozeman because this is the best way to experience these waters.

Contact Fins & Feathers of Bozeman for more information regarding the various guided fly-fishing options that we have to offer on the waters around Bozeman. We always recommend advanced reservations, as availability is limited during the summer months. Give us a call at 877-790-5303 or email our Bozeman fly shop for more information!