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Bozeman is Perfect for New Fly Fishers

Practice Caster on the Fly in Bozeman

Here we are, at the end of July in Southwest Montana, and it feels great to be living the life right in the heart of the best wild trout waters out west! River levels are lower than usual but water temperatures are sticking close to normal for this time of year. Trout are eating well in the mornings, the hatches are becoming sparser, and hoppers are just starting to show up along the banks. This is a great time of year to get out and experience fly-fishing around Bozeman both on your own and with one of our professional guides.

Fly-fishing is a lifetime sport that is simple to get started with yet offers the opportunity to take it as far as you like. One of the aspects of the sport/industry that has really changed over the last few years is the selection of quality gear at introductory level prices. There was a time when entry level rods, reels, lines actually made learning to cast and fish more difficult! Today, however, the price-point gear is making learning how to fly-fish more fun and accessible for everyone.

Fins & Feathers of Bozeman is all about helping folks get more fun out of their time on the water. Our friendly staff enjoys taking the time to walk a first-time fly-fisher through the ropes of gear selection, rigging, and fishing advice. We offer free introductory classes throughout the spring and early summer, fly-tying classes later in the year, Orvis fly fishing schools during the summer months, and year-round guided fly fishing trips. All of these resources, plus our fly shop staff’s patience and expertise are focused on helping those that are new to the sport, have more fun.

If you are new to the sport, or just “kicking it around” stop by the shop and ask some questions, we are happy to help. We have some great choices when it comes to inexpensive gear like fly rods by Echo, Redington, and Orvis. We have some great values in fly reels for under $100 by Lamson and Orvis as well. Throw in fly lines from $35 on up and all of the gadgets, terminal tackle, and flies that any angler could ever need and you can be out the door, fully loaded with everything you need to get started in this lifetime sport for under $300!

The weather is perfect, the rivers are doing just fine, and there is never a better time than now to get started in the sport of fly-fishing. Fins & Feathers is here to help with quality selection and friendly service, we look forward to seeing you soon in 2015!