Brown Drakes on the Lower Madison – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Brown Drakes on the Lower Madison

The Brown Drake (i.e. Ephemera Simulans) hatch can be some of the most fun and productive dry fly fishing in SW Montana. Brown Drakes are a large mayfly (#8-10) that are characterized by their three tails and a tapered, yellow/brown body. Their wings are mottled and have spots. This last week they were full force on the lower Madison stretch and provided some awesome topwater action. Though the hatch is nearly over on the lower Madison, it is good to be prepared for the following season.

Brown Drake Rainbow Trout

Brown Drakes are a mayfly that burrow in slow moving water in a river with silt bottoms and every June they began their emergence in the evenings. Once they reach the surface, they float on top, making them a hard meal for trout to turn down. Often times these larger bugs can bring up some of the bigger and pickier trout in any river system. This is a great time to get out and enjoy the part of the day when many tube floaters and guide trips have passed. Our Bozeman fly shop has found some of the best brown drake fishing between 6pm and dark.