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Caddis Caddis Caddis

The Mother’s Day Caddis got going here in SW Montana a couple of days ago on the Yellowstone and Lower Madison Rivers. This is one of the most exciting hatches of the year for many local anglers as it signifies the official arrival of spring. Scores of bugs emerge, bringing trout to the surface in periodic feeding frenzies where they seem to eat just about any dry between a size 10-16 that you throw at them, at least some do anyway. The more selective fish are looking for Elk Hair Caddis with either Peacock or Gray bodies in a size 14. If that doesn’t work, add a small caddis dropper like the Mother’s Day pupa of Sylvester Nemes fame about 1′ below the dry. The fishable stage of the hatch is typically short-lived on the Yellowstone (currently really dirty…Friday was the day) but the lower Madison will provide opportunities so long as no dramatic dam releases happen. Currently, the lower is in great shape, the water temps are ideal, clarity is 3+ feet, and there are bugs out thick. Look for days with some cloud cover or late afternoons, when the shadows get on the water, for the best dry fly fishing right now.