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Caring For Your Danner Wading Boots

When you purchase a pair of Patagonia wading boots built by Danner you are receiving a product that is made right here in the U.S. and is meant to last a life time. Whether they are the Foot Tractors or the River Salts, there are certain steps an angler can take to extend the life of their boots until they need to be re-crafted. The four easy steps are as follows.

  1. Clean em’ – keep debris from getting in the pores of the leather and damaging the boots
  2. Waterproof em’ – these boots can soak up water making the leather heavy and weakened
  3. Condition em’ – this will prevent the leather on your boots from drying and keep it supple (also great for breaking your boots in)
  4. Keep em’ away from heat – the outsole on Danners is sensitive to heat so keep them away from heat sources while they are drying.

Steps 2 and 3 can easily be completed using the Danner Boot Care Kit found on Danner’s website to extend the life of your boots before re-crafting them!

The Patagonia Foot Tractor and River Salt wading boots have quickly become some of our favorite wading boots. Click the links above to learn why I have been trusting Patagonia boots to keep me upright while fly fishing all year round! Try the Danner boots on in our Bozeman fly shop to get a feel for the supreme comfort yourself.