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Casting Big Dry Flies

People come from all over the world to fish big dries in Montana. Whether it be the Salmonflies and Goldenstones of early summer or the grasshoppers or late summer there truly is nothing like seeing a trout chomping down on a size 8 or 4 dryfly. The majority of these large dries usually incorporate a large hair wing or big chucks of foam, which creates a lot of wind resistance when casting these behemoths. This has been the bane of many an angler especially on windy days.


Overlining is when you use a heavier weight line on a rod than what the rod is, e.g. using a 6wt line on a 5wt rod. A lot of people do this anyways as it helps load today’s faster action rods. This method provides you with a lot more power which will help turn over the leader better and many find this also improves their casting. There are a few different ways to overline a rod. The easiest is to just go up one whole line weight, but if you think that is a little excessive then a Rio Grand, or Scientific Angler Amplitude Smooth Infinity or Amplitude MPX line might be for you. All of these lines are a half weight heavier instead of a full weight heavier. Your Bozeman Fly Shop really likes the SA Infinity taper for a tip flex, or fast action, rods.

Shorter Thicker Leaders

Another good method, and a good alterative to overlining, is to use a 7.5ft leader that is only tapered to 1x-3x. Several leader manufacturers make some sort of short nylon leaderall of which work very well for casting big dry flies. The shortened leader will still have an ample butt section that is very good at quickly transferring energy and turning over a big fly. This is definitely a much cheaper option to try first and see if it helps.

If you’re having trouble with cast big dries that just won’t behave and turn over then either of these remedies are great option to experiment with. Both methods have an added bonus that not only will they help with the big dries, but by their nature they will help with casting and turning over big beefy nymph and streamer rigs as well. Good luck!