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Changin it Up and Goin Lakeside

I decided to mix things up the other day and fish a lake instead of the river for a change. I have never been a very big fan of lake fishing because I have a short attention span and have no idea what I’m doing on lakes. On the river I can read the water, and have an idea where the fish are lying. I can also move to a different hole if I’m not having any luck. But on the lake, at least for me, it’s like fishing one big hole and I have no idea where the fish might be. I was pleasantly surprised to find how much I actually enjoyed fishing the lake.

It was really relaxing and fun for a change, and going with someone who knew what there doing made it feel less daunting. We got into some nice fish on nymph rigs, and around 11 o’clock there was a decent amount of Callibaetis on the water with some fish rising on them. There were enough fish rising to keep you entertained, and it was fun trying to throw long casts into the different rings as the fish worked their way around. I was also surprised at the fight the fish put up, and the challenge it was trying to keep them out of the weeds. As much as I love fishing rivers, there’s something to be said for casually drifting around a lake with a beer in your hand casting at hard fighting rising fish!