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Chill Dawg

WTF you say? This little crustacean creation has been in the works for several years now. Several years ago, we joked in the shop that we should change our logo to something pretty much like this as it really sums up more days than not on the water for us. Crawdads, worms, rubber legs, and a little bing bling makes it seem like we might just be having a little too much fun on the lower.

The lower you say? That oh so crowded lower you say? We say glad you think it’s crowded, go somewhere else…the fishing ain’t no good over there anyway! Go to the MO, the Horn, or P. Valley. Nothing but tubers, weeds, and little fish on the LM!

But hey, if you do go to the lower, maybe try a crayfish and worm and don’t go when the tubers go. Might be midges this time of year, big fish might eat hoppers all summer? Crawdaddies like the lower and we like crawdaddies!