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Cold Fishing Ahead

Mornings like this tend to get me thinking about things other than fishing. That’s not too hard to imagine when the thermometer reads something like -25…or to put it another way that is about 50 degrees colder than when ice starts to form on the guides! Despite that tragic reality, I’m heading out of town tomorrow to spend a couple of days with frozen toes and fingers on the Bighorn.

I’m not as hearty as I once was and I’ve gotten a bit “spoiled” over the years, so I tend to avoid fishing in the arctic chill on most occasions. However, there’s nothing better than a road trip with friends and fishing as the destination. It should be 50 degrees warmer at least anyway!

As I started packing last night, there were a few winter essentials that I especially made sure to include, besides the typical Bighorn winter fare such as a variety of Ray Charles, San Juan’s and Midges. This is the time of year, more so that any other, when I reach for my Patagonia Rio Gallegos waders – the wool lining on the inside of the bootie is a luxury that is hard to live without once you’ve gone down that road on a cold winter day. I also grabbed the Tenkara Rods and made sure I had some line ready to go – pretty simple to do list when it comes to Tenkara but I won’t be cussing any frozen guides or reels!

The fishing will be good, probably a little chilly at times, but those fish over there always seem to be hungry. Perhaps a midge hatch will come our way if the weather cooperates. Regardless of the bugs, I am in need of some aquatic therapy and looking forward to spending some quality time negotiating with the Thinga-Ma-Bobber to go down more often.