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Cyclepond: The Recycled Fish Pond Material

Cyclepond, the Fishpond material made out of recycled fishing nets has not only resulted in some amazing fly-fishing gear but is reducing the impact on the environment and promoting the “Ripple Effect”. Many of the new fish pond packs, vests, and luggage are made from 40-100% recycled material which is greatly reducing the uses of natural resources (27% decrease) and release of greenhouse gasses (28% decrease). The first in the industry to recycle discarded commercial fishing nets, Fishpond, is reducing their footprint on the environment and in turn promoting others to do the same. Those who rep Fishpond gear are in fact inspiring others about the importance of environmental sustainability. As we all know, the conservation of the natural world is now in our hands and by buying Fishpond Cyclepond products you can be part of the movement. Here at your Bozeman fly shop we hope everyone remembers to think environmentally friendly. Here are the Cyclepond products that we carry.

Thunderhead Submersible Backpack Thunderhead Submersible Lumbar Cutbank Gear Bag

Fishpond Delta Sling PAckFishpond Oxbow Chest Backpack