Day After Yesterday – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Day After Yesterday

Wrapped up the big push of the guide season yesterday with little fanfare on the lower Madison. Was good at time, slow at times, pretty fun overall…how can it not be right? Great way to end the year with some Bozemonians. So, what does one do his first day off of rowing for dollars? Fish.

Headed back to the lower for a short run down the middle chuckin’ junk in the wind with a couple of guys that I guess I would call friends. Yeah, what the hell. They both work for Orvis so I guess it was technically work related but once again that line is very blurry at times in line of work. Had lots of laughs, plenty of streamer grabs, eats, and even managed to get a decent number of fish to the boat. Gonga X 2.