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Dry or Die on the Henrys Fork

I took my first trip to the Henrys Fork earlier this week. I have heard lots of good stuff about it over the years, but with so much good fishing close to home I never made the trip down. Needless to say it has been a long overdue, and it did not disappoint. I know the Henrys Fork is famous for its dry fly fishing and dry fly purists, so on the way down I joked about throwing six inch streamers through the Ranch section to make all the dry fly snobs loosen up and embarrassing Karlie. Once I got there and saw the river I changed my mind pretty quick. It was actually really neat to see all the dry fly guys walking the banks, not even casting but just patiently waiting for a fish to rise. And while I love fishing streamers, watching the chase, the take and covering water for bigger fish, I think sight fishing for big trout with dries might be just a little better. Being able to sit back and pick your fish before you cast to it is hard to beat. I also enjoy the downtime waiting for the bugs to come out and the fish to start eating rather than floating down river and flogging the water all day. We didn’t have the greatest fishing, and spent most of our time waiting for hatches and fish to rise, but I could see the potential, and will definitely be going back.