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Early Morning Thought on Being a Montana Fly Fishing Guide

The best part of being a fly-fishing guide in Southwest Montana for the last 18 years has been the people, no question about it. Sure, the rivers are great, the scenery is amazing, and I don’t know that here is anything cooler that watching a fly rod bend and watching line rip through the water, tight to a wild trout…but it tis the people met along the way that makes this job so amazing.

Every week this season, I have had the pleasure of showing up in the morning to pick up another client that is more of a friend than a client. Relationships reconnect within minutes and small talk is all about over by the time we get into the truck. Fishing is usually the main topic, but discussions swing towards family, dogs, and vacations in between the serious stuff. Advice is given and taken, jokes are told, fishing strategies are discussed, and we relish in the joy of reconnection once again as the Montana landscape slips by at 80 MPH on the way to the river.

On the water, things are just amazing when fishing with someone that you have known for so long and spent so much time with on the water. The fishing techniques and habits become familiar and soon I recognize the little things that makes these relationships so unique. Everyone has a slightly different casting stroke, way of setting the hook, or mending the line with their rod tip. After a while, their techniques become so familiar to me that could pick them out in a crowd of anglers just by the way they move their rod on the back cast!

The guiding part of the day becomes about understanding the fish and the river rather than teaching or story-telling. These are the days that I live for, right now. Warm sun, sunny skies, fish looking up, and good friends to share the water with.

Summer is truly here in Bozeman and the forecast looks awesome for the week ahead. If fishing terrestrial patterns and attractor dries for wild trout is your thing, I don’t know why you would be anywhere other than Bozeman right now! Our guides are excited about the weeks ahead and the fishing yet to be had in 2017 with anglers from around the world. We hope that you join us for a day and become another one of our best friends, made through water and trout.