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Essential Items For Your Boat

By this time of year we’ve all been out on the rivers, and now it may be time to reassess our gear options on board the boat. We have some great stuff down here at the shop to help you trick out your boat and catch more fish. Here are a few things every boat should have before it hits the water.

For fly organization on board the MFC boat boxes are great, capable of holding an immense amount of flies and are super rugged to boot.

The Patagonia Great Divider boat bag also allows the angler plenty of lfy storage to keep everything together and dry.

Cliffs boat patch is another viable option for fly organization, allowing the angler to keep their flies ready without having to access a bag or fly box.

A hemo holster for clippers is another good addition for boat organization, just stick it on and stop having to search for your hemos.

For landing fish, every boat should have a fishpond landing net. These nets are light and durable with an excellent reach and will float in case you happen to drop one out of the boat.