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Fall Fishing Necessities

Fall is coming in hot (quickly) and of course bringing the cold weather, rain, and potentially wind. To cope with these variable conditions there are a few pieces of gear one can purchase to ensure a delightful (warm) season on the water.

Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody $299 – Absolutely the most comfortable sweatshirt I have ever worn. Flexible and unbelievably warm for fishing in the most frigid conditions.

Patagonia Tough Puff Hoody
Orvis Fleece Foldover Gloves $24.95 – These are very warm gloves when used as a mitten but when you need to use your hands for tying knots or line management they can accomodate that.

Orvis Fleece Foldover Gloves
Pro Wading Jacket by Patagonia or Orvis $249 – $399 – A few options here for wading jackets but a nice one is necessary of you are frequently out in the fall where sideways rain or snow can frequently smack ya.

Orvis Ultralight Wading JacketOrvis Pro Wading JacketPatagonia River Salt Jacket
Durable Waders $249 – $599 – Very important on blistery or rainy days. The easiest way to make a cold day of fishing unpleasant is to throw wet feet into the mix.

Orvis Ultralight Patagonia Rio Gallegos Zippered Front Wader
Base Layer or Insulated Sweat Pants $49 – $179 – Under those fancy pants waders you need some warm fancy pants.

Patagonia Nano Puff PantPatagonia Lightweight Capilene Bottoms