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Favorite Five Spring Time Flies

Delektable Worm

The mighty Delektable Worm is a flie that not a whole lot of people are anxious to brag about but will certainly tie on instantly first thing in the morning. When the weather warms up enough to rain, these little long and red things unintentionaly find their way to the water. A biologist once told me that all fish are conditioned to recognise worms as food almost all the time. As the water gets some color to it, the fish can almost always see this sillouette. The hackle on this fly has just the right jiggle to get the fish interested as well.

Olive Tailwater Tiny

The Tailwater Tiny is another top pick. This is a great fly the fish can be interprited as a Midge or a Blue Winged Olive. Both of which can be the dominant hatch on any given day in the Spring. This fly works equally well on tailwaters, spring creeks, freestones and lakes.


The Brown Peacock and Grizzly Wooly Bugger is always a good choice. Again, this fly can be taken as a few different menu items. They can eat it as a skwalla if that’s what they want, maybe a sculpin or a dragon fly nymph.

Woolhead Sculpin

The all faithful Woolhead Sculpin is for the meat chuckers. I know there are alot of fancier streamers with a bunch of hooks and flash, but this one just looks like food. Sculpins are one of the most prolific bait fish in all of Montana’s waters.

RS2 Emerger

Last but not least is the RS2 Emerger. This little dude can be fished to the pickiest of risers from the Spring Creeks to the Missouri. This emerger can fish equally well deep, dropped off the back of a larger nymph or bugger on the Gallatin or Yellowstone.