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Fish Warming Up!

Spring is just around the corner and fishing on the Gallatin and Lower Madison has been good to great this week. Warming water temps have made for more active fish and rainbow trout are getting fat and colorful as they prepare for the spawn. Warmer water also makes the insects more active, so trout are taking advantage of this by foraging for larva along the bottom. Nymphing on the Gallatin has been particularly good with fish filling up on stonefly nymphs, and there are tons of smaller, dark colored stoneflies crawling aroung in the rocks along the bottom of the river. Fish in the Lower Madison have been eating a variety of things such as eggs, worms, midge and baetis nymphs. Rainbows have been attacking crayfish and sculpins or any small fish that might be a threat to their eggs. From now until run-off is a great time to be on the river, so get out before all this snow really starts to melt in another month or two.