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Fishing Late Spring, Pre-Runoff Conditions are on the Way

Some thoughts on changing fishing conditions from Mitch.

The weather has been hit or miss the last few weeks across southwest Montana. Linda, the dog and I caught a beautiful day and made it out to enjoy some of the great spring weather. We all had a great day and even caught a fish or two. This can be a great time of year to be outside on the rivers. Hungry fish and warm weather how can you go wrong?

Planning on hitting the river this weekend? Make sure to check our fishing reports for up to date steam flow conditions and water clarity. The warm spring temps that are forecasted for the up coming days will probably cause some color to come into the rivers.

If you make it out ahead of the off color water have some dry flies ready to go. There are Mother’s Day Caddis, March Browns and BWOs out on most rivers in the area right now, and the fish are starting to come up and eat them a little better in the past few days.

Just because the water comes up and turns off color does not mean the fishing is done for. It can actually get better when the river has a little color to it. As the water starts to come up look for fish to be in the softer water. Below an island, along the soft bank, and behind large rocks are some good places to start looking for high water fish. You will want to start using some darker and larger stoneflies, trailed by flies in size 14-16 with a little flash (Lightning Bug, Holo Prince Nymphs, etc).

Get out and enjoy the fishing before the big run off.