Fishing the Fork with the family – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Fishing the Fork with the family

Made it back to Bozeman last night with the family in tow! First time in a long time that I went to sleep last night feeling like ALL is right with the world. My older son has been at boarding school of the last year and a half, he is now home and at my home to boot. Pretty exciting stuff.
However, I did get the chance to fish the lower Clark Fork with my wife and a guide on Friday. The day started off rainy and dreary, but there were plenty of smiles to go around as we were just digging being on the water together. I spent most of the day puffing away on my e-cigs in the back of the boat with my feet up, interrupted occasionally by a fish eating my dry fly. Christine spent the day fishing hard, getting lots of fish on purple hoppers. It may have been the most relaxed day I have had in 4-5 years.
The guide was great, the river was great, the bite was great. He did over think the whole thing a little bit in terms of the flies as he insisted that they were not only keying in on the purple, but also the “aura” of the orange post on the parachute. Whatever dude, it was a great day full of laughs and fun.