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Fishing the Gallatin Above the Taylor Fork

Fishing the Gallatin River above the confluence of the the Taylor Fork is a great place to spend a day on the water. This section of the river (park line to Taylor Fork) can be fished almost every day of the year. A few warm springs enter the river in this area and the water is rarley frozen in the winter months. Parking is pleantiful and easily found right next to the side of the river.

In the later summer months this area can produce some fun hopper fishing. The last week of August through mid September is usually a great time for this. Most of the standard attractor dries will work in this section as well durring that time of year. As far as the winter fishing goes, it’s the typical story of finding the deeper slower water and running some nymphs down deep. A Stonefly nymph followed by a Lightning Bug, Pheasant Tail, or Midge is usually a safe bet. This section of the river also produces some good spring days during runoff. The Taylor Fork is the main source of dirty water for the Gallatin, so getting above the confluence will generally get you into much cleaner water.

Two things to kieep in mind while fishing this area. If you want to fish in the park/above the park line you need to have a park permit. As long as you are down stream of the park line a statdard MT fishing License is all you need. The second thing to consider in this area is that during the summer and shoulder months this is an area where you could run into a Grizzly Bear. Bear spray is light and east to put on your wading belt. You know what they say, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you have any questions about fishing this section of the Gallatin come stop in our Bozeman Fly Shop, Fins And Feathers!