Fishing Today – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Fishing Today

Yellerstone below Livingston today, actually a marathon float from Pig Farm to Gray Bear. Have I mentioned that there is still a lot of water in the river? Kind of cool to have all that water this time of year, its like the water has been hanging out just outside the low banks all summer long, keeping fish tight to them in skinny water. Started off the day with a few nice Browns on streamers in said skinny water. Then switched to hoppers for a spell, got some eats. Switched back and forth between streamers and dries most of the day with results here and there. Nothing off the charts, but a solid day on the water at the end of which all felt liked they had “put in the work” today. Did see Rainman hook his buddy and himself with the Gonga…you play with a Gonga long enough…somebody is going to get stuck. I need to invest in Yellow paint as all my gonga eyes are worn off.
Saw some eagles chasing ducks around, some honky’s hit a wave wrong and fill their boat up, Steven saved a guy that tried to tube Mr. Bubbles unsuccessfully, and came to appreciate the fact that more days than not, I get to fish with some pretty awesome people on some pretty awesome rivers.