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Fishing With Family | Bozeman Fly Shop

Memorial Day weekend was here and gone before I really knew what even happened! I woke up last Saturday and realized that I had a few days off and no plans. So, my wife and I had a quick chat, made some phone calls, and ended up on the Bighorn our younger kid and the two dogs. Yes, two dogs, one of which is a6 months old Golden Retriever that just recently joined the family. I do much better with last minute planning and picking someplace to fish days usually isn’t much of a struggle.

As I mentioned, we have two dogs, the new one and an English Setter that is going on 15 years now. It has taken him about 15 years to become a good boat dog, but it has finally happened. I’ve never been much of a fan of dogs and boats as there is just too much going on, more weight, and wet dogs stink in the car. However, I may be changing my attitude after the last couple of experiences with my dogs on the water. They added to the fun of the weekend in ways that only dogs can.

The Bighorn is running relatively high, which I really like when it comes to boat fishing over there. The weeds are pushing through quickly and weren’t much of an issue, but the water slap is still essential in between casts if you are nymphing. There were a lot of spawning Rainbows in the skinny water, especially in the first 5-6 miles below Afterbay so we were working on fishing the ledges and near the banks. Fish were eating pink sowbugs, pink eggs, and gray sowbugs too, just fine. The higher water calls for more weight and longer nymph rigs if you want to effectively fish the ledges and deep, inside bends.

The best part of the weekend was fishing with my wife and kid though. Our 9 year old has started turn into a very solid fly-fisherman. You can imagine how cool it is for me to have watched him progress over the years to the point where he is no able to just do it without even thinking about it! He got a little cranky when his mom was bringing more fish to the net the first day….but that’s to be expected.

I am so grateful to be able to spend time on the water with my family, here in Montana. I grew up on the lakes of east Texas, thinking bout trout fishing in the mountains just about as far back as I can remember. My dad has taken me fishing most of my life (he still does) and those trips are where I learned that no matter what, he will always be there for me. I hope that my sons learn that too and have as much fun chasing all things aquatic as I have in my life!

We will be starting our “Take Your Kid Fishing” campaign very soon, so keep an eye out for details in the next week. June is a great time to get on the water with your kids and our Bozeman fly shop is here to help that experience be more fun and productive!

My Son’s Gear: Redington 590 Hydrogen rod, Sage 2250 Reel, Airflo Super-Dri WF5, Redington Crosswater Kids Waders, Redington Crosswater Kids Boots.