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Five Favorite Flies For The Missouri River Right Now

Twin Lakes Special from Fins & Feathers of Bozeman's fly shopThe Twin Lakes Special is one of our favorite patterns to drag around under an indicator and fished slow. I feel Trout will eat this fly if they are key’d in on Leeches or Crawdads or maybe even small sculpins. Just a solid pattern if the fish are willing to eat something on the large side.

The Tan Soft Hackle Ray Charles is probably one of the most productive flies day in and day out on the Missouri. This River is filled with Scuds and Sow Bugs of all sizes and colors. Plus they probably eat it as an Egg sometimes as well.

The Purple D Midge is super productive as either a Midge imitation or even a Baetis Nymph if that’s what they’re looking for. This Fly can be fished deep behind a heavier Nymph or as a dropper to a dry.

When the trout are podded up eating Midges by the dozens, this classic Midge Cluster just works. There are High Vis versions that work ok sometimes but the basic pattern is usually better if the fish are a little picky. This Fly is hard to see but it helps if you drop it off the back of a small Attractor Dry.

The Baetis Sprout Emerger has been one of my favorites for quite a while. This pattern floats well enough you can fish it in some riffles but looks natural enough the pickiest fish in the flattest water will eat it too. The foam post is quite visible as well.

You can find all these patterns on our web store or by coming into our Bozeman Fly Shop.