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Fly Fishing 101 with Fins & Feathers

The late winter has slightly delayed our free Fly Fishing 101 classes in 2019 but with the current forecast they should be underway in no time. This short 2-hour course is an excellent option for folks who have never tried fly fishing before or for people who are interested in improving their cast. The first hour and a half of the class consists primarily of the basic overhead cast and touches a little bit on the roll cast and fish fighting techniques. The following 30 minutes provide a run down of fly fishing gear, Bozeman area entomology, flies, and basic rigging to ensure you have the knowledge you need when you hit the river!

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The next FF101 class is scheduled for April 13th. We provide all of the necessary gear but if you have a rod and reel you are welcome to bring them along. Sign up for the April 13th class right here or view our Bozeman fly shops 2019 Fly Fishing 101 schedule! Feel free to email Teagan ( or call the shop at 406-586-2188 with any questions.