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Fly Tying Weather In Montana

Now that Winter is here and air temps are going to be in the sub zero range for the next several days, we find it hard to recommend people hit the rivers super hard this week.

When it starts to get super cold like this our efforts start to shift from fishing to tying. I know that every fly shop right now will have something to say about fly tying and we aren’t going to be any different. Just because it gets too cold to fish it doesn’t make us think any less about fishing. Tying some of the flies you might need when things warm up is the natural progression. The whole tying thing just builds the anticipation of a future trip or season or whatever. Plus it gives those of us that hunt, a chance to complete the circle and use some feathers or fur from the critters we eat.

The cool thing about tying winter patterns is that most of the flies we fish with this time of year are only have two or three different materials per fly, you don’t have to worry about matching a ton of hatches and you can go right out when things warm up and have some instant success.

Certainly not everyone is just wants to tie a few winter patterns for this area. With the recent flood of synthetic tying materials, people traveling to the salt can easily tie up a few real nice looking Shrimp or Crab patters with only a few choice materials.

So any way, that’s our token fly tying blog for the first real cold snap of the season. If you’re a seasoned fly tier you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’re just getting started or you’re thinking of getting started, you’ll find out.