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Friday’s Fish

New column for the blog will feature a “grip-n-grin” photo of an angler and fish with a brief description of the details of what makes the fish story worth telling again. Some of these will be from the shop staff and guides, but we are also looking for stories from our customers, friends, and folks that go out on our guided trips. Send us a pic and a photo and we’ll keep it in mind for our Friday’s Fish post….there’s only 52 of them in a year so be sure to let us know what made that fish so special. The fish and story do not have to be recent, just important to you.

This photo of Chris Jones holding an honest to God 10 lbs, Brown on the Upper Oreti in New Zealand (2009) is significant in many ways. It was caught on a very long leader with a size 18 Klinkhammer – that Chris had tied. There may be plenty of 10 pound trout caught in NZ every year, but there aren’t a lot of the them that actually say 10 once they get to the net, it doesn’t happen often without a guide, and it doesn’t happen a lot on the Oreti even though these huge fish are quite common in the river…they have ESP. Chris had put many days into trying to get one of these fish and his hard work and concentration paid off, I was lucky enough to be there with camera that day and helped Chris dig that fish out of undercut banks and dangling roots,,,all on 6X