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Friday Fish…on Saturday!

Sorry about bringing you this weeks Friday Fish a day late, but things have been crazy busy around the shop lately; which is never a bad thing. Lots of happy fisherman capitalizing on hoppers, and the better than expected spruce moth numbers this year.

But without digressing into a fishing report on moths, this weeks Friday Fish is not technically a fish, but a “what could have been” tale from the Lower Somewhere River. This year there has been several close encounters between our guides and exceptionally beefy browns. Most of these encounters have ended in heartbreak, due partly too inexperience behind the rod, but mostly because Lady Luck, who plays a large part in landing toady browns, overslept that day. However, earlier this week everything went right…ish. The line was tight, a mid-20-something-inch brown on the end. After several blistering runs all played masterfully the beast was ready to be netted, but right as victory was assured the wise old brown wiggled free from the hook, just shy of the net and was gone. Close but not close enough but…he’s still out there and so are we.