Fridays Fish for November 9 – Fins and Feathers Bozeman
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Fridays Fish for November 9

The good Dr. King and I were fishing with an unnamed third a couple of weeks ago on the Madison in YNP and had one of those days that we all wish would happen everyday! Lots of great fish, beautiful weather, and more laughs than one could imagine. As I look out the window this morning into the great whiteness that has found Bozeman in the last 24 hours, it is days like this that keep me jacked up about days on the water to come. Whether I just out with friends or guiding a first time fly-fisher, there’s just nothing better than standing in some cold mountain stream with a trout on the other end of a line!

Just a note here – most of the shop staff will be out of twon next week so our shop hours will be somewhat limited. We will be closed next Monday and Tuesday. Shop hours will be 10-5 W-F and 9-5 on Sat and Sunday (Nov 17-18). So, if you swing by and noone is there…we have gone fishing! Heading to the Gulf Coast for some Redfishing in case you’re curious and hopefully the next couple of Friday’s Fish will feature some shots form our trip! Stay Warm.